Best Reel Mower To Purchase

Reel mowers are the first peers of lawn mowers. The latest advanced zero turn mowers evolved from the major basic types of reel grass mowers.

The reel mowers are still very famous today and even though they remain the outmost basic types of mowers on the market, they have advanced considerably, where some of them are very close to an electric mower with aided cutting knowledge and also grass clipping catchers.

Pros of reel mowers

There are several benefits when you chose this type of lawn mower above other forms; conversely, some of these benefits may be considered as negatives, like not having a battery.

No running costs

No spark plugs to keep on changing

No rocks plus shrapnel flying around

No battery for charging

No pull chord is needed to start it.


Some of the recommended best Reel Mowers to purchase are;

The Brill Razor cut 38

It is an excellent German-made reel mower.

It weighs 17 pounds, nonetheless is ultra-durable, and has a silent cut style. It works better on a wide variety of grasses but it is not suggested for thicker grasses like St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia. Such thicker grasses tend to turns the light weight to a huge disadvantage from an advantage. In General, this is a remarkable reel mower.

Scotts Classic Reel Mower

Has a big 20 inch cutting breadth. It is a workhorse of a thrust reel mower. The cutting breadth of this mower, together with extra back wheels for maneuverability, a cutting height ranging from 1 inch to 3 inches, and a rational weight of 30 pounds helps make this mower a perfect value for the money. It can eliminate a wide range of grasses, and is a good option if you like to maintain your grass on the tall side.. It has been a best seller for more than a decade.

Mascot 18 Inch 6 Bladed Reel Lawnmower

It’s a tough and strong push reel mower. It is heavier compared to most push mowers. It weighs about 42 pounds yet it is still simple to use. The additional weight to this mower in reality has a helpful effect, since it allows one to easily drive through bushy grasses such as Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine. The Mascot mower possesses a silent cut mode, which denotes that the reel blade hardly makes contact through the cutter bar. It has an adjustable cutting range, from half an inch to three quarter inches.

Fiskars Momentum Reel Lawn Mower

It’s a brand new model, announced in 2010. Dissimilar to other push mowers, it cast the grass onward, rather than backward. It is a pretty strange appearing beast. It weighs 53 pounds. Similar to the Mascot, this makes it difficult to lift it and carry. However, it is not hard to push during grass cutting.

This mowers’ cutting height ranges from 1″ to 4″, which is the highest cut of the entire reel mowers on the market. It has an 18 inch slashing width. An additional nice feature on this mower is the chain plus the gearing feature that relates to the way the mower casts the grass forward instead of backward

Top 3 Most Sort Lawn Sweepers

If you were to search for the best lawn sweeper in the market, believe you me that it would take you a whole lot time moving around or surfing in such of your preferred lawn sweeper. One of the reasons why this is so is that in the current market, there are hundreds even thousands of lawn sweepers that tend actually perform the same duty. That being the case, without the help of any expert to guide you in narrowing down the search, there are big chances of you landing on the wrong the wrong sweeper.

Interestingly, that guide and expert is here with you. We have taken our time to come up with 3 most sort lawn sweepers that will always top the list of all the searches in the world. Look at them and see whether you will get one from them.


One of the best lawn sweepers the world has ever produced is the AGRI-FAB 42”. The fact is that it may be possible that many people may not know of this sweeper because it is not conspicuous so to speak. But as a matter of fact, what it does will leave you to marvel for your lifetime. It is becoming more and more prevalent than other lawn sweepers that have been in the market for many years sometimes even longer than it. The structure of the mower is extremely durable. The weight is lighter compared to its competitors. With this kind of structure and weight alone, it is easy to maneuver within the yard as it picks the clippings. Upon purchase of this lawn sweeper, you are liable of receiving a 12 months protective coverage and a pin meant to hitch it with your trailer. What a lawn sweeper!


The BRINLY TOW-BEHIND SWEEPER will always be the people’s choice as long as it is in existence. It is liked by many home owners because of its most notable features that you will never get in any other lawn sweeper even if they looked similar. Some in fact cannot differentiate it from the AGRIs but there are few very important features that create a very huge impact on many users thus liking it. It is versatile in a unique sense. It comes with brushes of very high velocity. The six brushes are fixed inside the lawn sweeper with a lot of expertise prompting the awe. It also harbors a hamper that is 20 cubic feet. The 42’ sweeper allows you the worry of making numerous stopovers to empty the sweeper. In a short while, your mowing together with the clearing of the clippings will be done thanks to this amazing lawn sweeper.


This is the second time AGRI lawn sweeper is appearing in the top 3 list. What does this mean? AGRI is one of the best products among lawn sweepers. Nonetheless, this particular one has the largest carrying capacity a lawn sweeper of its caliber has had at 25 cubic feet. The structure of the lawn sweeper that is compact clearly makes it easy to store. Additionally, it is one of the rear lawn sweepers that come with adjustable brushes that allow the rider to make adjustments of the brush to reach the depth and height of the clippings.
Yes, when you go shopping for your lawn sweeper, take most of your time comparing these three.