How to Buy Speakers for Gamers

What would be Call of Duty without the deep rumbling of the explosions and gunfire? The sound makes a great difference in setting the tempo and mood of a game. Having a good set of speakers enriches the gaming experience. There are several configurations to go with when gaming. The costs greatly vary depending on the setup ranging from tens of dollars to tens of thousands. Some setups have been said to cost upwards of a hundred thousand dollars. How do you go about choosing speakers for gamers?

Number of speakers

Many gamers will be comfortable with the usual 2.1 stereo setup. This includes two speakers and a sub-woofer. This is a simple setup as there not much hassle of setting up the satellite speakers. The sub-woofer gives just the right amount of bass for the gunfire and explosion scenes.

You could opt to do away with the sub-woofer and have a 2.0 setup, which are two speakers only. You would have to go for speakers with a wider frequency range so that they can handle the lows of the bass sounds. This is an ideal choice if you are lacking for space or do not mind playing without the bass heavy sounds.

A 5.1 setup which is five speakers and a subwoofer, delivers the richest surround sound as you can place two speakers to the rear, the sub-woofer in the center and three speakers in front. This setup is ideal for couch gamers and if the speakers double up as units for the home theater as well. The problem with this setup is the need for more space and the cabling. However, you can opt for a wireless set which can hang from the ceiling.

A sound bar is an excellent choice if you are lacking space. It contains all the speakers in one package reducing the cabling clutter and improving the ergonomics.


The pricing of speakers for gamers depends on the quality and the brand. Typically cheap imports will not last long and do not deliver quality sound. However, do not ignore reasonably priced little-known brands. There are high-end brands that do not live up to their hype too, but generally pricier brands deliver better sound quality.

The best way to assess the performance is by asking for a demo with a game.


Common extras include Bluetooth connectivity and remote control. More controls mean that you can adjust the sound in many variations. Some speakers for gamers will have inbuilt equalizer units for different settings; games, music, and movies